Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I hope everyone had a great day of being with family and eating wonderful food! I am in Asheville, NC with my family, on my way to see my best friend in Tampa, FL. All four siblings, including me, are here plus our mom and Grandma! We got in so late on thanksgiving day, that we did have the actual meal until yesterday, which is good because I think it would have been a little crazy after a 14 hour day of traveling. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the food from yesterday so this will be from a place that we went to lunch on Friday.

This what it looked like inside. If you are ever in Asheville, NC I highly recommend going to the Green Sage Cafe and what I got from looking at the menu before deciding what to get, was that everything was organic, no processed food or anything of the sort. 

I got a strawberry lemonade to drink and this how it looked before I stirred it into one; they basically had anything other than soda.

This is what I got: their Chipotle Jack burger with sweet potato fries. Now the name of the burger comes from the type of cheese they use which is a habanero jack and as spicy as you would think that is, it was not spicy at all but I know people have different pallets for spice. Most everything on their menu can be prepared vegan/vegetarian or gluten-free, which I think should be a standard in most places to eat.

Tonight is my last with all the family here as tomorrow evening I will be in Tampa with my best friend who I only get to see once a year in the summer, so it is really nice that I get to go visit him. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving, be it with family or friends.

Well that is all for now! I am planning on looking up good places to eat while I am Tampa so make sure to stayed tuned! I am going to try and do a post at least once a month and get on a good schedule!

 I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaaaaaah!


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