Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!! :P

I hope everyone is having a great holiday week, I have had family over this whole week. My church, who I barely go to anymore unless for holidays when family is here, had 5 services for Christmas Eve to which I played in 2 of them with the music team and it was pretty fun! I got a pretty big compliment from the leader on how good I was and it really made me smile. My cousin decided to come and be with my grandma and see me play for the second of the two that I played in and we had animals walking down the aisles!

Well, I was at the church for a good 6 hours that day, so naturally I wanted to go to a local place for dinner and we did just that. The place is called Moongate Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar in Boulder, CO and it's right in downtown Boulder about 2 blocks away from the Pearl Street Mall, so there is plenty to do after, or before, you decide to eat, to walk around and look at shops and stuff.

So this is what the front of the restaurant looks like inside, it can seat maybe about 60 people when it i s full, which is not bad so it is not that loud even with that many people. It is a nice look inside, very modern and spacious for being in a small area. It also had a sushi bar where you can see them make the sushi, which I thought was cool, to see them actually make your sushi if you wanted.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks as my wonderful girlfriend is coming to visit on the 9th and I cannot wait to see her and i just wish that day would come tomorrow. Still looking for a job which is helping me keep busy, looking for a job is a job in and of itself, but I am confident I will find one soon! Hope all of you had a super bueno holiday week and an even better New Year!

Well that is all for now, so I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaaah! PEACE and LOVE.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Walking the Dog

How is everyone doing this week? I am doing pretty well, my grandma arrived last night and we are just waiting on family for the holidays! Lately I have been looking for work and I actually have interview today at a pizza bar here in town, which would be really cool if I can get it, since I will be making pizza's and I have always wanted to learn how. We got some snow on Saturday night but it has nearly all melted. This morning I woke up relatively early to go and have breakfast with my grandma and it was so tasty. Below is a picture of where we ate:

So this is a local diner in Longmont, CO called Two Dogs Diner, where we went for breakfast. As you can tell, there is counter you sit along with the kitchen being right there so you can see them make your food and to the left of the picture there were a few more tables, so it is a pretty small place but a good size and not too noisy. 

So this is what I got, it is called the Good Dog combo and it came with 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausage links, sauteed potatoes and either and buttermilk pancake, french toast or normal toast. This was a lot of food, even for me but I finished the whole thing, everything was really well seasoned and I love anything where I can taste seasoning. They serve breakfast all day, which is nice, especially when my girlfriend loves breakfast even for lunch. If you are ever in the area, or in Colorado, I recommend going here if you like breakfast or even lunch and they do dinner some days as well.

Hope everyone is having a super bueno holiday break from school, or whatever you are doing for the holidays, I know I will! 

Well that is all for now, I will catch you all on the flip-flop lataaaaaah!! PEACE AND LOVE.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

California Adventures

As many of you know, I was in California for Thanksgiving, my family left and I stayed a little longer since my girlfriend decided to come out and visit her friends so I thought I would just stay till she got there. We were able to stay in one of her friend's apartment while we were there, she was not using it,
it was in Koreatown, which is a fun little area and close to downtown. We ate some really good vegan places, and me being a heavy meat-eater, I can honestly say I really enjoyed it! My girlfriend got there on the night of the 10th, so my dad took me to pick her up and we ate at Baja Cantina again,
and then took us to her friends' apartment. The next day we hung out with people and we ate a place called Shojin which is in Little Tokyo, in a shopping mall surprisingly, but I have never had sushi until that night and it was soooooo good, I am glad I tried it. We were busy basically the whole time we were there, doing stuff with people my girlfriend knew and who I was meeting for the first time, mostly other fashion bloggers.

Okay, so this is the last night we were there, this place is called Sage and it is also
a vegan/organic restaurant and at this point, I am starting to like organic stuff, I never really explored different food types until just recently and this is tasty. This place probably could seat around 70 people or so, so it is more of a personal atmosphere, we were sitting up in a lofty area where I took the picture from. As far as what I ate for dinner that night? It was a black bean and rice burrito with chocolate mole sauce on it and sesame seeds, served with house-made sweet potato chips but you can choose from a number of sides.
It was pretty tasty, I thought the potato chips could use some seasoning but I forgot to ask for some salt but overall I would go here again. Here is what I ate:

This past week has been so good and I love seeing my girlfriend whenever I can and it was super fun to meet all of her friends while being in L.A. Every time I see her, I love even more than the last time and I am excited to see her again in January, so until then I will be looking for work, living life and loving everything about it! Sorry for the lack of posting, but as you can tell I was really busy the last week but now I can post more often!

Hope all of you beautiful people had a wondrous week 
and I hope this week is full of fun and adventure! Well, that's all for now!
I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaaaaah!! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Underground Eats

So two nights ago, I was staying with my dad in Marina del Rey
and we ate at this Mexican restaurant, which was local and I highly recommend it to anybody wanting good Mexican food. I had a combination dinner with 3 things: a beef soft taco, a chicken enchilada and a chile relleno; oh and their salsa is sooooo good with a good smokey flavor and hotness level. If you are in the L.A. area, check out The Baja Cantina and you won't be disappointed.

So after that night of awesome food, my sister and her boyfriend came to my dad's house yesterday to have lunch and we had some really good BBQ sandwiches and cornbread his wife made and they were delicious! We all hung out for a little while watching the Kansas vs. Colorado basketball game and I am so glad that Colorado won. I went back to stay with my sister who lives right off of Sunset Blvd. so I can literally walk 5-10 minutes for something to do, which is nice. 

Last night she took to this underground music event that started at 10pm and went till 5am, we only stayed till about 1am, I would have stayed longer if I was not as tired as I was. It was a great experience and if you like to experience this it is called theLift, they are at an undisclosed location every time they hold do it once a month. This time it was in a warehouse with a bar outside and some food as well, which was also pretty damn good. Here is what the stage looked like last night:

So that is what I have been up to lately, just been hopping around between family the last few days, tomorrow I go back to my dad's house to await the arrival of my girlfriend!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! But if you knew how amazing she is, you would be this excited too. Tuesday need to get here faster, until then I will keep you all entertained. Hope everyone had a super bueno weekend and an ever week ahead, I know I will! 

I catch you all on the flip-flop lataaaaah!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Short and sweet.

Hello all! This will be a short post as I have not done much since going to Disneyland, which I will try and do a lot more things before my wonderful girlfriend gets here on the 10th! I am basically waiting for her to get here from Minneapolis where she is from, I know we will be doing something almost everyday, so keep an eye out for fun things!

I checked back home, and it is supposed to be single digits all week long, so I am grateful that
it is warmer here :P  It is funny seeing people wear sweaters and things when it is like 60 degrees out, where I was in shorts and a t-shirt.

Anyway, thanks for reading this short post just an update of what I am doing and what I am looking forward too, I am going to get some good Mexican food tonight for dinner so look for that!
Oh and here is a picture of cat just for fun =D

Hope you all are having a super bueno week so far and I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaah!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happiest Place on Earth. 12/1/13

I woke up the day feeling great, knowing that I would be doing something was awesome! Today we got to go into Disneyland, but before that we had some awesome Mexican food for lunch and it was local! I had to get the fajitas, as I always try them whenever I go somewhere new. Here is everything I got with the meal:

We normally don't do Disneyland anymore, since it is so expensive now, but we were able to get in free since one of my brother's friend works there she could get in for free that day. It was nice not feeling rushed, like we had to get our "money's-worth" as if we paid to get in maximum time on the rides, but we casually walked around instead of rushing to rides and planning it out. We ate at a restaurant in the park and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of flavor coming out of this dish that I got.

All in all, it was a good day! I am patiently waiting (not so much actually) for my girlfriend to get here, she has friends here and the clothing company she works for is based in L.A. so I decided to stay past my family and wait for her to get here!!! I am looking forward to the future and what it brings!! Hope you all had a super bueno holiday of good eatin'!! 

I'll catch you all on the flip-flop lataaaah! Much LOVE.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

First post! Get to know me!! :P

SO this is my first blog post and I suppose I should tell a little about myself! I am 23 years old and I live in Lyons, Colorado and I was affected by the mass flooding and my town was one of the worst hit but everything is slowly getting back to normal as we just got utilities a couple of weeks ago. I am in love with the most amazing person on this planet and she is the best! I love food and music, so I think I will be hitting up places with live music and good food and let all of you know how good everything is and just enjoy life! 

I have been in California for Thanksgiving and I love being here with family and having really good food. I am waiting for my wonderful, amazing girlfriend to get here on the 16th, she is a blogger as well and she is fucking cool, so I will link all of you to her blog as well! ( is hers!) I will be staying with her after my family leaves and I plan to make some awesome, local food stops before I leave, there is about a week in between my family leaving and her getting here.

Hope you all had a super bueno Thanksgiving or get together or whatever you wanna call it! I will see you all on the flip flop lataaaaah!!!