Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Hello friends! So after this I will be completely caught up with places to blog about, which means I can finally go places and start posting on a regular basis and not do a post about somewhere I was a month ago!
As you all know, I was just in Minneapolis visiting my girlfriend and I was able to be there and celebrate her birthday with her, which was a big deal for me and probably and even bigger deal for her. Her sister (surrogate) had a birthday as well, so on May 29th, her family did a joint celebration for both of them with presents and yummy things. I am was so grateful to be apart of that with all of her family there and just to enjoy the happiness of being with people and celebrating.

On her ACTUAL birthday, which was March 31st, I took her out to breakfast at one our favorite places and just decided to get A LOT of food, since we both LOVE eating. If you live in Minneapolis, or have the chance to visit, I would HIGHLY recommend going to The Bad Waitress for breakfast. Minneapolis is such a great city and also with amazing places to eat, most of which are locally owned, so you know when you eat at most of the places you are supporting a small business, which is awesome.

Tell me you would not eat this MASSIVE pancake with fruit and chocolate chips on top and inside on it? This is what my girlfriend was craving so this is what she got, which is a plate sized pancake; I think she ate about half of it. She also got a chai latte and a milkshake!

I was VERY hungry as well, so I also got plate size blueberry pancake which I did not finish.
Now this breakfast burrito is BY FAR the BEST I have ever had in my entire life, which is saying a lot because I LOVE breakfast burritos. It has two eggs with your choice of two ingredients, which I got oven-roasted tomatoes and vegan sausage, and your choice of cheese (I got smoked Gruyere).

All in all, this trip was such a good break from working and a nice change of scenery. Sometimes life is hard and stupid but you just have to know there is something good to come and that is the way we feel every time we see each other. If you are in a long distance relationship, it can be very taxing on the soul, knowing in your whole being that you want to be with that person, wherever they are. Just know that time WILL come and the world wont be as stupid when you are with the one you love.

Well that's all for now! I hope I did not rant to much about personal stuff but I hope I brought some insight on how hard it can be sometimes. My girlfriend is making a visit next weekend, so we will definitely go to some yummy places to post more on, if I can't go somewhere this upcoming week.

Have a great rest of the weekend and I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaaaah!


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