Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blast from the Past

Hello friends! Sorry I have such a sporadic schedule for posting anything, I promise I will get on more of a schedule now that I have actually been to some cool places for food. The last week has been one of the best weeks for me. I have been in Minneapolis visiting my most amazing girlfriend and her family, the more I am here the more I want to move here, this is such a good city and it just feels like home. With that being said, let's get in to the food! This will be from somewhere I have already been to and posted on here but there is just such good vibes from this place and t is really good for breakfast things.

If you are ever in Lyons, CO you must check out Barking Dog Cafe, it is right on Main Street, but you can basically walk there from my house or hop on my golf cart and not waste any gas if you don't feel like walking; for a better description refer to my older post "Come, Sit, Stay". Now are you ready for the food? Good!

This one is sooooooo tasty with an egg, bacon and cheese; one of my favorites here.

This is a great option for all you veggie lovers out there with egg, tomato and cream cheese; a little messy but tasty none the less.

All of my life I have been a meat eater, usually every meal I would eat meat and I have slowly started to realize that I don't need meat at EVERY meal to enjoy food. Lately I have been trying to reduce my meat intake to one meal a day, and I must say, it is working quite well! I feel like I have more enjoyment in eating, with trying new things that I have never been accustomed to and trying new types of food and not just American food, mind you that I was very sheltered with what types of food I ate as a child. One of my new favorite kinds of food is Indian, I just love all the flavor that goes into it and how magically the spices and flavor coexist in one universe.

This is me being goofy! 

Thank you all for reading this, I will try to post on a more regular basis but there is more tasty places to come! I hope you all are having a super bueno week so far and a better one coming up.

I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaaah!


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