Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dinner and a Show!

I really need to start doing this more often! Sorry for not posting anything lately, I have been super busy
being with my girlfriend coming to visit and being out of state for 3 days while she was here.
The last six days have been so wonderful, my amazing girlfriend came out and visited during that time and we went down to New Mexico just for a little time by ourselves. On Saturday evening we got to Santa Fe and stayed there overnight, one block from the plaza, which was so nice, we had really good food that night which will be in the next post. My mom just recently bought an acre in Abiquiu, so we went down to look at it and while we were there we unloaded some things for her. After that, we headed up to Pagosa Springs, if any one has not been there, I highly recommend it, it is one of my favorite places to go. We stayed over at the hot springs which gave us two days access to the pools, of which there are 16 varying in temperature; I will do a separate post about our trip there.

So my girlfriend and my mom ate at the Boulder Dinner Theater, which is why I chose the title of this post, guess which one is my girlfriend :P  Anyway, that is what the inside looks like where you eat and watch the the show. You get there around 6:30 pm and eat, the show is not till 8:00, the entree you choose is included in the ticket price, you can choose from 8 different entrees, drinks and dessert cost extra.

I decided to go with the vegetable curry on top of some rice with chicken, you can get it without the meat and it is still really good, I wanted four different things on the menu but I went with the most different of the the four. The flavor was to die for in this dish, it had carrots, broccoli, peppers and soy bean pods. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking entertainment and great food for a reasonable price.

I hope all of you had a super bueno past couple of weeks, I know I did! I love when my girlfriend visits, she is the most amazing person I have ever known and she is crazy cool! I start my new job today, which I am super excited about and kind of nervous, just because it is the first day. Wish me luck!

Well that is all for now! I will try and do another post soon about our trip to New Mexico!
I will catch you all on the flip-flop lataaaaaah! PEACE and LOVE.

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