Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Land of Enchantment

Going off of the last post and posting more about my girlfriend and I's trip down to the hot springs we went to. We stayed in Santa Fe, NM the night before we went to the hot springs and we had a blast there, going into shops, walking around and just not being rushed at all. We ate at a little cafe, on the plaza, for dinner which was good and we had sopapillas, which we were craving for a LONG time. The next morning we checked out of our hotel and decided to go and eat breakfast.

We ate a place called Cafe Pasqual's, it is right off the plaza, one block to be exact. Everything here is organic and can be gluten-free. It is pretty small, seats about 50 people or so and we waiting for about ten minutes to be seated just because it was so busy. I had the breakfast burrito smothered in green chile and cheese. Now, if any of you have not heard of chile bacon (for those of you who like bacon), you really should get this. It is the best bacon I have ever had! Sweet and spicy, to die for and complemented my burrito so well. My girlfriend had their chai  and insisted I show you all. she is a big chai lover and said it was really good!

My breakfast burrito, SO GOOD!

The chai!

The chile bacon!

I hope everyone is having a super bueno week so far! There is more to come from our little trip, good food and pretty places! Oh I just started a new job and could be more happy with it, I think I could get used to this for awhile! I know this was a lot of pictures so I thank you sticking through till the end.

Well, until next time, I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaah!! PEACE and LOVE.

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