Tuesday, December 17, 2013

California Adventures

As many of you know, I was in California for Thanksgiving, my family left and I stayed a little longer since my girlfriend decided to come out and visit her friends so I thought I would just stay till she got there. We were able to stay in one of her friend's apartment while we were there, she was not using it,
it was in Koreatown, which is a fun little area and close to downtown. We ate some really good vegan places, and me being a heavy meat-eater, I can honestly say I really enjoyed it! My girlfriend got there on the night of the 10th, so my dad took me to pick her up and we ate at Baja Cantina again,
and then took us to her friends' apartment. The next day we hung out with people and we ate a place called Shojin which is in Little Tokyo, in a shopping mall surprisingly, but I have never had sushi until that night and it was soooooo good, I am glad I tried it. We were busy basically the whole time we were there, doing stuff with people my girlfriend knew and who I was meeting for the first time, mostly other fashion bloggers.

Okay, so this is the last night we were there, this place is called Sage and it is also
a vegan/organic restaurant and at this point, I am starting to like organic stuff, I never really explored different food types until just recently and this is tasty. This place probably could seat around 70 people or so, so it is more of a personal atmosphere, we were sitting up in a lofty area where I took the picture from. As far as what I ate for dinner that night? It was a black bean and rice burrito with chocolate mole sauce on it and sesame seeds, served with house-made sweet potato chips but you can choose from a number of sides.
It was pretty tasty, I thought the potato chips could use some seasoning but I forgot to ask for some salt but overall I would go here again. Here is what I ate:

This past week has been so good and I love seeing my girlfriend whenever I can and it was super fun to meet all of her friends while being in L.A. Every time I see her, I love even more than the last time and I am excited to see her again in January, so until then I will be looking for work, living life and loving everything about it! Sorry for the lack of posting, but as you can tell I was really busy the last week but now I can post more often!

Hope all of you beautiful people had a wondrous week 
and I hope this week is full of fun and adventure! Well, that's all for now!
I will catch you on the flip-flop lataaaaaaaah!!