Sunday, December 8, 2013

Underground Eats

So two nights ago, I was staying with my dad in Marina del Rey
and we ate at this Mexican restaurant, which was local and I highly recommend it to anybody wanting good Mexican food. I had a combination dinner with 3 things: a beef soft taco, a chicken enchilada and a chile relleno; oh and their salsa is sooooo good with a good smokey flavor and hotness level. If you are in the L.A. area, check out The Baja Cantina and you won't be disappointed.

So after that night of awesome food, my sister and her boyfriend came to my dad's house yesterday to have lunch and we had some really good BBQ sandwiches and cornbread his wife made and they were delicious! We all hung out for a little while watching the Kansas vs. Colorado basketball game and I am so glad that Colorado won. I went back to stay with my sister who lives right off of Sunset Blvd. so I can literally walk 5-10 minutes for something to do, which is nice. 

Last night she took to this underground music event that started at 10pm and went till 5am, we only stayed till about 1am, I would have stayed longer if I was not as tired as I was. It was a great experience and if you like to experience this it is called theLift, they are at an undisclosed location every time they hold do it once a month. This time it was in a warehouse with a bar outside and some food as well, which was also pretty damn good. Here is what the stage looked like last night:

So that is what I have been up to lately, just been hopping around between family the last few days, tomorrow I go back to my dad's house to await the arrival of my girlfriend!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! But if you knew how amazing she is, you would be this excited too. Tuesday need to get here faster, until then I will keep you all entertained. Hope everyone had a super bueno weekend and an ever week ahead, I know I will! 

I catch you all on the flip-flop lataaaaah!!

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